Library rules and regulations


The rules and regulations are designed to ensure that provision of library resources, services and facilities is made as effectively and fairly. The regulations cover the conditions for admission, discipline in the use of materials and facilities, registration, borrowing rights, penalties and fines, clearance and copyright.

All persons wishing to become SEKU library users must read and understand the rules and regulations and must abide by them.

Admission to the use of the library

  • All registered SEKU students.
  • All members of the University staff and council members.
  • Registered Alumni.


  • Good order must be maintained in the library.
  • Eating, drinking, sleeping or smoking and use of open fire are forbidden.
  • Silence must be observed at all times.
  • Use of mobile phone and other devices which can disrupt users in the library is prohibited; all mobile phones should be on silent mode.
  • Readers should not deface, mark, cut, mutilate or damage library resources in any way
  • All users entering and leaving the library must show all their items to the security staff at the entrance and exit.
  • It is an offense to use somebody else identification card.
  • Stealing or attempting to steal any library resource or property is an offence. Appropriate disciplinary action shall be taken against the offender.
  • Brief cases, bags, parcels, folders, overcoats, hats, umbrellas etc are not allowed in the library.
  • The library shall not take responsibility for loss or damage of personal property left in reading areas. Users are also required to ensure that valuable items are not left in the luggage area (such as money, laptops, phones, among others).
  • Damaging/mutilating of library materials, equipment, or any other property is an offence. Those responsible must pay for the damage.
  • No books shall be taken out of the library unless it has been officially issued.
  • Books used in the library must be left on the reading tables. Users are not expected to shelf books back after reading.
  • All newspapers must be read within the designated reading section.
  • Library seats should not be reserved.
  • Entry and exit to and from the library must be through the authorized entry and exit points.

Note: Users who violate library rules may be suspended or prohibited from using the library. Breach of these regulations may also be referred to the University Disciplinary Committee.



All members interested in using the library are required to produce their authorized SEKU identification cards for registration and then fill the registration form obtained at the library circulation desk.

Borrowing rights, penalties and fines  

  • Only SEKU registered library clients are entitled to borrow materials on provision of their university identification card
  • Lost or mutilated information materials on loan will be replaced or charged at the current market price of the information material plus Ksh. 500 administration fee
  • Patrons are notified by email when borrowed materials are overdue.
  • Information materials borrowed on regular loan and not returned on the due date will be charged  Ksh. 10 per day
  • Information materials borrowed on short loan and not returned on the due date will be charged  Ksh. 10per hour
  • Overdue materials attract fines for the entire period including weekends and public holidays
  • Renewal of materials is allowed once if there is no demand on them
  • Library reserves the right to call back any issued item at any time
  • Any library user who has not cleared overdue and lost book charges shall be denied borrowing rights

Materials for use within the library

  • Reference books    
  • Projects and thesis         
  • Periodicals (newspapers, journals and magazines)

Loan periods

Category Books Period
Undergraduate students 4 books 2 weeks
Postgraduate students 4 books 1 month
Academic staff 4 books 1 month
Non-Academic staff 2 books 2 weeks
Alumni 2 books 2 weeks

Rules and regulations governing the use of digital library/laptops within the library

  • Users of laptops must maintain order and avoid distracting other library users.
  • Library users should not use laptops to play games, watch movies, and play music e.t.c. while in the library.
  • Access must be for purpose of academic research.
  • The computers in the library must be booked for use in advance for duration of 2 hours per session which may be renewed upon request.
  • Accessories attached to the library computers should not be unplugged.
  • Use of the internet (including the transmission or receiving of any material) in violation of the copyright law is prohibited.


  • All registered members of the library must clear with the library at the expiry of their membership.
  • All users are required to return all borrowed resources and replace or make payment in case of any lost item and overdue fines.


  • Most library materials are protected by the copy right law, which makes deliberate infringements like unauthorized copying as a criminal offence .All users of electronic information resources must abide by the terms of the appropriate licenses.
  • Permitted copying limits shall be less than 5 pages of a book made for academic purposes.
  • Copying from whatever source from the library must comply with the current law on copyright. The library may suspend access, refuse or withdraw copying privileges.